Vegan Resources

Today I thought I’d do a quick post to share with you a few of my favourite vegan resources.

I adore the “Suitable for Vegans” Facebook group, it’s a great way to cheek out what’s going on in supermarkets. Almost everyday I discover a new mainstream product thats accidentally vegan, a supermarket own brand line, or a menu option at a high street chain! It’s definitely somewhere I go when I’m feeling a bit down to know that actually vegan choices are growing and going mainstream!

“Suitable for Vegans off topic chat” is also a great resource. The community is really friendly and always respond immediately, whether it’s having a rant about a frustrating conversation with an omni, a discussion about specific ethical issues or companies or sharing stories of achievements or struggles.

Barnivore is super useful for alcohol. It’s not totally comprehensive but it does cover most of the major brands. Veggiewines hasn’t been updated for quite a long time but it does have some useful info too.

I hope that helps! Community is sooo important and these reliable websites are such helpful contributors! Please share your vegan resources with me in the comments 🙂


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