Paleo Wraps, JEM Raw and Coyo – A Breakfast-themed Product Review

I had the most beautiful breakfast this morning and I just want to talk about it all day! (Does anyone else get this over excited?)

DISCLAIMER  I’ve just been on a “treat yourself” shopping roll and this was one splurge of a brekkie!

Paleo Wraps – I would normally run a MILE from just about anything marketed as Paleo (in protest at this absolutely ridiculous diet myth) but in the face of coconut all my resolve just disappears and I become a giggling teenager, unable to say no.


Crêpe no. 1

Crêpe no. 1






So – these wraps are like crêpes and made entirely from coconut meat, water and oil (my holy trinity). They are a little crispier than crepes but still roll beautifully. They most certainly taste of coconut which I LOVE but aside from maybe some roast veg in coconut oil I’m not sure I’ll be using them for savoury creations (and the website’s recommendation for wrapping them round ground beef turns my stomach). but when they pair so beautifully with fruit and nuts why would you even want to? The website has a video with them fried which looks like an amazing delicious treat.

Although I REALLY like these I’m currently debating whether I will buy them again. The price aside I don’t like to support a company which so wholeheartedly endorses a cruel and unhealthy lifestyle even if the product itself is vegan.

Fillings – I’m just snatching the last few figs sneaking over from France and Spain, unwilling and unable to say goodbye to my favourite fruit and enjoying being able to combine them with their autumnal best friends – pears (I get mine from Pear Necessities at Stoke Newington farmers’ market and they are REALLY worth a mention as truly the tastiest conference pears)

Finally I drizzle my fruits with this butter from Jem.


It’s a recent find in the UK and tastes like absolute heavenly bliss to my taste buds. The ingredients list – Almonds, Cardamom, Lucuma, Coconut, Coconut Palm Sugar – reads like my version of Julie Andrews’ favourite things, and the fact that it’s stoneground gives it a rich, luscious texture. All in all this makes me VERY happy and I would happily eat a cardboard box if I could dip it in this stuff, but I probably would prefer a fruity coconut wrap 🙂

Finally a dollop of Coyo vanilla yoghurt, it’s very rare that I would only use a spoonful of this as I usually get stuck into a whole pot but with this it looked just like the garnish of double cream on a gourmet crepe and was absolutely perfect smeared on (well, everything tastes better with coyo! Did I mention I like coconut?)


With it I had a lovely Rhythm Coconut Kefir drink, a little dose of friendly bacteria tastier than any Yakult. Made of young coconut water and meat they are nice and creamy but not too rich for breakfast.



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